This 11-Year-Old Obese Boy Set On Fire In obese Extreme Measure To Lose Weight

In an odd bid to lose weight, a young obese Chinese boy weighing 23 stone has been set on fire as part of treatment at the Changchun Kangda Hospital.

11-year-old Li Hang suffers from a rare condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome, a rare disorder involving obsessive eating, learning difficulties and growth abnormalities. At the age of 4, he weighed 6.7 stone which is 2.5 times the weight of other children in the same age bracket.

Li undergoes traditional Chinese medicine treatment after suffering the rare condition from the age of three.

Changchun Kangda Hospital in Changchun city, China is the leading specialist in slimming treatments. The hospital has employed various Chinese medicine practices including Baguan (fire cupping), fire therapy and acupuncture to treat their patients – in which seven out of its 53 overweight patients are children.

China is set to have the greatest number of overweight children aged 5 to 18 years by 2025. According to a report released by the World Obesity Federation, the number of overweight children will reach 48.5 million.

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