2pac’s Former Bodyguard “Big Frank” Reveals Who Killed The Legendary Rapper

#1 Big Frank Alexander – After spending 11 years in the Marines, Frank Alexander was working as a prison guard when he was offered a job with Tupac’s label, Death Row Records.

#2 Saved Snoop Dogg – When Tupac heard that Alexander, also a world class bodybuilder, had saved Snoop Dogg from being shot, he hired Big Frank as his bodyguard.

#3 High All Day – Big Frank said that Tupac had three loves … weed, money, and women, and was high all day long, from first thing in the morning until he went to bed.

#4 Hung Out With Tyson – Tupac and Mike Tyson became buddies and the boxer even went on stage during a performance.

#5 Ladies Man – The rapper was also quite the ladies man, hooking up with women such as O.J. Simpson’s daughter, Notorious B.I.G.’s wife, Faith Evans, and even Madonna.

#6 Cripps Orlando Anderson – During a Mike Tyson fight, Tupac spotted Cripps member Orlando Anderson, who had some issue with some members of his label. Tupac punched him out during the fight.

#7 After The Fight – After the Tyson fight, and the fight between Tupac and Anderson, the rapper and his crew headed over to Suge Knight’s club to party. Big Frank was in another car when he witnessed a white Cadillac drive up alongside Tupac’s BMW and fired up to 14 shots, before driving off. He believes that Anderson and the Cripps were responsible for Tupac’s death.

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