Dead Oarfish Found In Mindanao 2 Days Before Earthquake Jolts Surigao

Locals of Agusan Del Norte were bewildered by the sight of a 10-foot dead oarfish that washed ashore just this Wednesday in Agusan del Norte which was caught by fishermen according to a report from ABS-CBN.

The interesting creature spawned numerous debate and polarised opinion. Experts believe that the oarfish was an omen of unfortunate things to come, with the animal being a good indicator of natural disasters.

An earthquake struck Surigao Del Norte two days after the fish was caught. Since the phenomenon occurred, seismologists have taken a close look at what caused the earthquake and revealed that underwater creatures are sensitive to the active movements of the earth fault lines, hinting that the oarfish may have predicted the occurrence of the earthquake.

But experts have concluded that there are many factors at play when an earthquake occurs, and this incident may be a part coincidence. Rachel Grant, an animal biologist expert, chimed in on the oarfish speculation and said: “It may be due to seismic activity or it may be attributable to other factors unconnected with earthquakes, such as infrasound caused by underwater activities, such as military submarines, or pollution.”

She also added “We do know that there’s not an earthquake after every oarfish sighting, but we are going to see if there is an increased probability of oarfish being seen before an earthquake,”

Source: ABSCBN News

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