Learn How To Check Two-Way Mirrors And Hidden Surveillance Camera


In the age of high-tech video cameras and surveillance devices knowing how to check for two-way mirrors can be an essential skill to maintaining privacy.

Have you ever been in a bathroom, dressing room or another private area with a mirror and had that feeling that someone is watching you?

You can check to see if a mirror is transparent by observing how it is installed and using a few simple techniques to determine if there’s a wall behind it.

You may have heard about the fingernail test, but there are more accurate ways to tell if a mirror is two-way or not.

How to Check For Two-Way Mirrors

Examine the mirror – The first and foremost precaution you should do when you’re in a private place with a mirror is to examine it. Check how the mirror was installed. Was it hung on the wall, adhere to the wall, or embedded in the wall itself? Two-way mirrors are often mounted flush with the wall.

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