Mysterious Old Woman Begs for Money And Warned People of Davao Minutes Before Explosion!

mystery woman

The bombing incident in Davao City last Saturday, September 3 left many people devastated and searching for answers on why the explosion happened. Strangely enough, before the catastrophe occurred an old woman was believed to have predicted the bombing the night before the incident took place.

Netizens have stated that a mysterious old woman wearing black clothes had a premonition about the tragic explosion. She was begging strangers for coins and started warning them of something terrible happening shortly. Along with her sick child, she told people to go home because an earthquake will occur at any given time soon.

People have posted stories about the mysterious woman on social media and certainly sparked speculation and debate on whether the rumors are true or not. Police authorities have been mind-boggled by the stories as well and are hesitant to confirm that the rumors are indeed true. Indeed a strange coincidence.

Could the old woman have predicted the explosion happening? Or was it just a fabricated story made up by netizens to fuel speculation?

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