An OFW Got Robbed By A Man She Met Online After Spending A Night With Him In A Motel


A particular video of an OFW from Dubai is now viral on Facebook after she allegedly robbed by a man she met online and spending a night with him in a motel.

Thinking that they had a mutual understanding, the victim agreed to sleep with a guy she just met online in a motel just after she landed from abroad.

After their “well spent night” in a motel, the guy left her and took everything including her money and pieces of jewelry inside her luggage.

We can hear from the video that the motel personnel didn’t stop the guy as they introduced themselves as husband and wife when they entered the establishment.

After realizing that she has been robbed by a man she trusted, she was left crying as seen on the viral video.

Hope her case may serve a lesson to other OFWs not to trust someone especially the one they met online quickly.

Please be careful and do not trust anyone that you fully don’t know her/his background.

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