OMG! Two Men in Uganda Have Been Arrested For Cannibalism!

Believe it or not, cannibalism today is still being practiced in some parts of the world, mainly in Uganda, Africa where locals disgustingly consume human flesh and internal organs. Throughout the years, numerous reports revealed that cannibalism exists throughout the country, with many thinking that eating human flesh is a thing of the past.

But shockingly, villagers in the town of Kiboga have discovered that some locals are devouring internal organs, hands, and other body parts. What’s even more surprising is the disappearance of their local neighbors, with local police authorities having a tough time trying to track down the missing people in their area.

It was on Oct. 29th that police found out two cannibals eating human meat and arrested them immediately. The two are subject to questioning by the police for continuing to practice such horrid rituals.

Many were puzzled and downright bewildered to discover cannibals existing within their towns. A self-confessed cannibal even revealed the history of their ugly practice, recalling that his brother-in-law fed him human flesh when he was young. Admittedly, the cannibal said that giving up eating human flesh was very hard, but only reverts to devouring fellow humans during special occasions.


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