When Rain Hits These Precious Flowers, Something Magical Happens

#1 This is the Skeleton Flower – Upon first glance, it is hard to tell why the pretty flower would have such a seemingly dark name, but you will see why.

#2 When it Rains, the Flowers Undergo an Amazing Change – As you can see, the white coating on the petals seeps away as they get damp, resulting in a sort of translucent tint.

#3 The Flower is Truly Unique – There are not any other flowers that are known to go through this type of transformation, but don’t worry, the loss of the white coating is completely harmless.

#4 Rain, Rain, White Go Away – While the rain is coming down and the leaves are damp, the white color of the petals simply disappears.

#5 As It Dries, the White Comes Back – As you can see, the white coating gradually comes back as the sun comes out and the water drains off of the petals.

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