This Viral Video Shocks The Internet After Lethal Injection Goes Horribly Wrong


One of the most widely used methods of capital punishment practised all over the world is the lethal injection wherein certain drugs are injected into a person’s body to cause immediate death.

This form of legal execution began gaining traction in the late 20th century as a means to supplant other methods such as hanging, firing squad, hanging, etc. The procedure is done by strapping the person onto a gurney and then gets injected with the drugs. But what happens if the process goes wrong?

A painstaking reconstruction of a failed lethal injection procedure is seen in the video that raises questions about the preferred execution method in many states, especially in the U.S.

A film campaign decided to tackle the issues of this method head-on to point out the inefficiencies of lethal injection and to open the eyes of legislators. Many have voiced out their opinions and said that the problems of these executions should be addressed immediately to eliminate the risks which are too big to ignore.

This also sends a message that capital punishment should be done correctly to avoid emotional and social distress from the families of the victims put under the death penalty.

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