Whoa.. She Looks EXACTLY Like Elsa From Frozen!

#1 Anna Faith Carlson Is an 18 Year Old Who Looks Just Like Elsa From Frozen – Anna Faith Carlson is from Daytona Beach Florida. She is 18 years old and has become famous for looking just like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

#2 It All Started On Instagram – Anna posted a photo of herself next to a cardboard cutout of frozen and it quickly went viral. Everyone was blown away by her uncanny resemblance to Elsa.

#3 Now Her Life Is Completely Different – Anna went from being an ordinary teen to doing appearances as Elsa. She is an aspiring singer and excited about the opportunity to sing as Elsa.

#4 Anna Makes Appearances Everywhere, Including Hospitals For Sick Children – Anna can be found making appearances as Elsa at schools and malls. She also visits sick children in hospitals to help brighten their day.

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