Are You Willing To Live Without Internet, Electricity Or Any Technology For This? You Will Surely Love This!


Looking for a job? Then you might want to check this out!

In Austria, one of Europe’s last Hermitage is looking for someone who can serve as a part-time hermit in a house located 1,400 feet high near Salzburg in Austria. The hermit should be amenable to live without any neighbours, internet, electricity, heater and running water. They are also looking for someone who can manage the place, has a deep connection with Christianity, has peace of mind and without salary.

The only consolation is that you get to wake up in the scenic view everyday. Well, the chosen person will not exactly live alone as many visitors and tourists go to the place.

According to Fr. Alois Moser, they opened the position after Thomas Fieglmuleller, the previous hermit, decided to give up his position. Fieglmueller is a former priest and a psychotherapist. He shared that he met a lot of people through the place but had to leave as he wants to return to writing.

The application is open until March 15. The selected hermi would have to live there from April to November.

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